• Women's Adventure Travels Weighs in on Environmentalism Amidst a Pandemic

Updated: May 22

Earth.Org, a not-for-profit environmental news source, collects articles from prominent researchers, academics, and journalists. It then spreads that truth around the world on environmental issues.

This outreach is more necessary than ever, as climate change is a complicated global problem becoming increasingly precarious by the day, as is the pandemic. Earth.Org takes various global factors into account, as addressing these issues requires a widespread, well-informed, and trusted international community.

Introducing Earth.Org

The news source has been based in Hong Kong since its launch in 2019. Constant Tedder, its founder, has led a long career as a social entrepreneur. He founded the Hive, a significant co-working space network, and he sought to expand sustainable practices through Earth.Org.

He says, “The issue of climate change will have dramatic impacts, on all humans and animal species on the planet, unless our current self-destructive paths are altered to better more sustainable pathways.”

Floortje van der Grinten, Earth.Org’s Head of Business Development and Operations, expands on the positive structural impact that Earth.Org hopes to make. She says, “Earth.Org’s ultimate hope is to stir action within society.”

She believes, in alignment with Earth.Org’s mission, that ecological news can make a real difference. She says, “It enriches our understanding of the interdependence between man and nature, the very nature that is essential to our well-being and prosperity.”