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WAT Pop-Ups

WAT Pop-Ups

We have been listening to our travelers and friends and realized that some people want to travel with us, but maybe they are not as interested in far-flung adventures. That is why we launched WAT Weekenders, so travelers can dip a toe into our pool to see if The WAT World and WAT Travel are for them.


Rather than the Deep Dive on a trip, they can take a skinny dip on a trip to check it and us out. Well, we just got even skinnier with a little bit of a dip. And so WAT Pop-Ups was born. 


Whether or not you ever travel with this, this bit of our business is for all. It's for those who want to be in the community and be a part of women's dinners, speakers, and events. This, together with our savvy travels,b is the thing for you. We will do WAT "Pop-UP" events, anything from a brunch to a happy hour, a dinner, speaker series, an event, or a quick overnight.

These trips and events will pop up in our schedule. So, the key is that you sign up on our mailing list. They will roll out initially in our newsletter, then on our social, and finally, we will post them on our site.


They will be intimate events with limited access. They will be booked on a first-come basis, first serve. So, get on our list, and follow us on social, as it's about to get really interesting around here. 


We'll see you at the next event or Pop-Up! 


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