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We at WAT offer a wide range of consulting services for travel, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle companies, individuals, and events. If you are launching a new company or if you are at a crossroads in your well-established business and in need of a refresh on your branding, messaging, or sales, Karen Loftus has played an integral role with global companies with branding, rebranding, celebrity branding, key media placements, messaging, sales and events.

She has worked with several domestic and international companies, individuals, and events, helping them launch, relaunch and establish themselves in new markets around the world. 

Between her time as an international comedian and playwright and before her time as a travel and lifestyle writer and travel advisor, Loftus was a trendspotter/consultant for a major fashion house for years. She traveled throughout Europe tracking fashion trends. Her many insights were used as the company she worked for did private labels for the top fashion houses and the finest and most prominent department stores worldwide. 

Additionally, as a serial entrepreneur, Karen Loftus has lived at the crossroad of commerce and creativity. In her many years in the media, she has also been privy to up close and personal looks at many highly successful individuals, businesses, and audiences worldwide. She has great insight, is quick on her feet, and is incredibly creative.

She has also helped companies define their messaging to appeal to demographics and markets.  
The world is changing, as are the consumer's expectations of companies. So, if you need to tweak your company's message to stay inclusive and in line with contemporary times, she can also help you.

Karen Loftus has traveled extensively to 75+ countries and all seven continents, so her insight into travel and lifestyle companies is very valuable.  

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We would love to discuss this further or hop on a call to discuss your needs and how we can help or consult in any way. 

Media Coaching

WAT's Adventuress in Chief Karen Loftus has spent several years onstage as a solo performer, an award-winning playwright, and ten+ years as an international comedian. When she took a break from performing and fell into travel and lifestyle writing, she put on the page what she once put onstage.

Having since written 1,000's of articles for well over 100 media outlets worldwide, WAT's Karen Loftus continues to be media savvy both on the stage as a sought-after speaker and on the page as a writer and works in many mediums.

If you suddenly find yourself on camera, on your social media, or for media engagements on TV, radio, or podcasts selling yourself or your business and feel in need of a media tweak, we can work with you on that. Be it the big or small screen, for speaking engagements, in-house or on the road, for business presentations, Zooms, or boardrooms. Whatever the case, it all boils down to telling a great story, and if an excellent performance accompanies it, all the better.  

Karen pulls on her theatrical background as a performer, award-winning playwright, Tennessee Williams Fellow, and international comedian, going beyond branding and strategy to dive deeper into character coaching and story development. The transformation for you and your brand can be massive and immediate with quantifiable results. 

If you want punching up, personal messaging, relatability, relevance, or more entertaining or meaningful messaging and outstanding performance to drive it all home, we would love to talk to you, as that is our wheelhouse. We love a great show, a real, raw, and relatable one, and so do your customers and audience. So, let's make sure you've got one.   

Public Speaking

Karen Loftus, Women's Adventure Travels Adventuress in Chief, is a sought-after public speaker. She has been a keynote at women's conferences and events, entrepreneurial conferences, and travel conferences. She has been a speaker, the MC, and host for multi-day tech and event conferences, moderating every panel. 

She is quick on her feet, engaging, and able to seamlessly find the balance in the panels and with the speakers knowing when to bring people in, circle back, and tie in key themes, points, and previous speakers with the current interview.

If you are looking for an MC, Host, or Moderator, she is well-versed in this space and, if available, can jump in at a moment's notice if necessary. Her many years on global stages as a performer and stand-up comedian make her a pitch-perfect fit for any conference or event. 

Like her writing skills, she has a unique voice but can hit the right tone for your conference, company, or event. She is a polished, passionate pro. She loves to talk to people, so authentic interest comes across in all interviews and her moderating.  

If you are looking for a keynote speaker, she has a phenomenal Women's Empowerment Talk, Walking Out Windows. It has been performed on many stages, conferences, and events. It can be done in 45 - 75  minutes. It is a highly spirited talk that often puts the audience on their feet. 

She also has a variety of breakout sessions and talks that she has done for various audiences. Her topics runs the gamut in tech, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, leadership, lifestyle, women's issues, and nonprofits. See some of her talks below:

Top Trends in Women's Travel, Solo Travel - Why are Women Hitting the Road Alone? What Happens When Women Travel Together?
Purse Power - Why the Travel Industry Needs to Pay Attention to Women in Travel
Why the Sudden Surge in Wellness Travel? Top Trends in the World of Wellness Travel!
Digital Trends in Travel, Where is Travel Headed in the Metaverse? Where is Travel Headed in the Metaverse?

Brand Like A Boss
Seductive Strategy
Effective Corporate Communication - Did You Have Them at Hello? 

How to Effectively Solicit Interest, Retain Enthusiasm, and Garner Scalable Results  in Your Internship Programs


Why Words Matter - Branding, Messaging & Storytelling
Using Storytelling to Sell Your Brand
One Voice - Finding the Passion & Purpose in Your Personal & Professional Voice & Brand
The Power of Playwrighting
Women's Entrepreneurship, Women's Leadership, Women's Empowerment
Effective Reach & Retention in an Internship Program

Launching & Running a Nonprofit Program, Working with Domestic Violence Survivors, Arts Therapy Programs for Survivors of Physical & Sexual Assault, Arts Therapy Programs for Incarcerated Communities, Alzheimer's Advocacy

A Passion for Fashion - Tips & Tricks for Packing & Hitting the Right Note on the Road & at Home
The Best in Tech Gadgets &  Gear - For at Home and on the Road


If you are looking for an MC, Host, keynote, or session speaker, we would love to hop on a call to discuss your needs and interests.
Feel free to hop on our PRESS PAGE, as you will see some of Karen's recent speaking engagements listed there. 

Let's Hop on a Call!
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