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Corporate Travel

Conferences & Retreats

Whether it has a Wellness, Leadership, or Learning Element, Wellness and Retreat Travel on the personal and professional level has been exploding across the globe.


WAT's Adventuress in Chief Karen Loftus has spoken with authority on conference stages about trends in Retreat and Wellness Travel & what brands & destinations are leading that charge.


So, if you're interested in a solo sojourn of wellness travel or coordinating a corporate retreat travel with single or several elements of wellness together with leadership, learning, and/or lifestyle, we can assist in this. We can coordinate and design the trip, retreat, and the many elements of both.

If you are a niche-specific leader, be it spiritual, corporate, or creative, and already have a retreat in mind. Still, if you want someone(s) to coordinate the travel aspects, we can jump in and handle all that, enabling you to focus on what you do best.


If you are a leader, an Influencer in your industry, or a company, and you have a set group and would love to run a retreat for you and our people. Still, if you need help figuring out where to begin, we can coordinate the travel aspects of your wellness or niche-driven retreat for you as a lead.

Why don't we hop on a call or a Zoom to set this in motion? It takes more than a minute to coordinate it all. So, let's get to this sooner than later to get things moving!

Corporate & Group Travel

We can coordinate travel for Corporate Groups, Business Conferences, Women’s Organizations, and more! 


We recognize that no two groups travel the same, and we are here to help ensure that your trip goes smoothly from start to finish! From coordinating flights, to securing resort stays, restaurant reservations, and even a spa treatment or two - Karen can assist with all facets of your trip.


If interested, please contact us or complete the form below and we will get in touch with you to start planning your trip.

What Our Clients Have to Say...


During my company’s recent leadership retreat in the Caribbean, Karen was the consummate professional.


Her assistance during the planning, execution, and follow-up was exceptional.


Karen’s drive and energy ensured my team had the best trip ever and made me look like a real travel planner with my peers.


I could not have managed this trip on my own, and I appreciate everything Karen did to make this trip memorable for all involved."


-Rose Cole

Executive Assitant

Heller Capital Group

Hey, Karen! 

You rocked, and we loved you. 


It was great to spend time with you, and thanks again for all the planning you did to make a rockstar week."

-Dennis Ream

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Paramount Management Group


“Karen was FANTASTIC to work with! She made the entire process frictionless.


From aiding in passport support to planning our journey to and from St. Lucia – she did an excellent job!”


-Matt Smith


Pro Sportsman

“Thank you for doing an incredible job organizing the Leadership Summit.


Throughout the journey and while on the island, everything was smooth sailing and hassle-free; I can only imagine how challenging it must have been to coordinate over 60 guests coming in from all over the United States and arriving simultaneously. 


Your hard work and attention to detail made this trip to paradise even more heavenly for everyone.


Thank you! I look forward to our next big getaway!!!"

-David Prill

Chief Financial Officer  

Glorious Cannabis Company



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