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What Our Clients Are Saying


“Karen was the consummate professional during my company’s recent leadership retreat in the Caribbean. Her assistance during the planning, execution, and follow-up was exceptional.


Karen’s drive and energy ensured my team had the best trip ever and made me look like a real travel planner with my peers.


I could not have managed this trip on my own, and I appreciate everything Karen did to make this trip memorable for all involved.”


-Rose Cole,

Executive Assistant, Heller Capital Group

With an ever-present camera in tow, a quick smile, an easy laugh, and razor-sharp wit, along with immeasurable worldly travel knowledge and invaluable travel tips, our fearless leader, Karen Loftus, is the consummate travel coordinator and guide focused on empowering women through travel experiences while supporting women-owned businesses.


Spanning the globe like a rock star journalist, comedian, and fashionista since the early 1990s, Karen navigates cities and countries fiercely adventurous and spiritually grounded”

-Suzanne Bong Scharff, 

Editor in Chief of Southern Bride Magazine


"I literally started to cry when we walked into our room in Sorrento. You told me this trip would be life-changing. You are correct. My heart has exploded. I am certain you bring much joy to all of your clientele. I can feel your passion for your company and what you do for others. 


We walked into our (upgraded) room, to a bottle of wine and your beautiful card. Thank you for your lovely details and showering us with love. 


You're just wonderful; you make sure every little detail is perfect. We are truly blessed to have found you. 


Thank you, Karen, for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone. I have no words - THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!"



You are the best travel contact on the planet. Everything has been so smooth. I really can't compare the places we stayed because it's almost like traveling to a different world, walking into these places.


This place on the Tuscan Coast is a 10 out of 10. There are a limited amount of rooms/guests. It's a real cliffside paradise for honeymooners. I couldn't be more impressed. 


There will be many referrals coming your way.


We appreciate all you do more than this can express."



“Thank you for doing an incredible job organizing the Heller Capital Group Leadership Summit in St. Lucia. Everything was smooth sailing and hassle-free, with your coordinating over 60 guests coming in from all over the United States to arrive simultaneously, get through customs, and have a stress-free journey to the hotel.


It was precisely that throughout the stay. Your hard work and attention to detail made this trip to paradise even more heavenly for everyone.


I Iook forward to our next big adventure!!"


-David Prill, Chief Financial Officer

Glorious Cannabis Company

Karen nailed it. She paid attention to every detail. The flow couldn’t have fit our family better.


Each accommodation was perfect for where we were on the trip and suited our family very well.


She recommended where we stayed and how many rooms to reserve and provided options for the room layout.

She booked our flights, rooms, and rental car and recommended “must-see” vacation spots.


Because of Karen’s diligence and knowledge of what to do, our experience was easy. (For example, we had no idea we would need a national park pass to enter Yosemite AND reserve time at Yosemite seven days before we intended to be there. We entered the park with ease.)


Karen is knowledgeable, conscientious, and detail-oriented, and she understands that to have a successful vacation, planning is a must.

She takes the pressure off so that you can enjoy the time you have with your family." 


-Doug Herr, Meryl Lunch

image000000 (1).jpg

Hey Karen!  You rocked, and we loved you.  It was great to spend time with you, and thanks again for all the planning you did to make a rockstar week."

-Dennis Ream, Paramount Group

“Karen’s extensive knowledge of places was evident as she listened to our desires and then created a plan that exceeded our expectations. 


She even knew when and where to throw in a few surprises!


I felt incredibly cared for and heard each step of our travel! She anticipated our needs, was diligent in all facets of the schedule and transportation/lodging, and created a trip that we talk about every time we are together!"


-Carrie Johnson, Carrie Johnson & Associates


“Karen was FANTASTIC to work with! She made the entire process frictionless. From aiding in passport support to planning our journey to and from St. Lucia – she did an excellent job!”


-Matt Smith, Pro Sportsman

“A huge thank you to Karen Loftus and Women Adventure Travels! Our family vacation to France and Italy was seamless and packed full of great adventures.


After extensive research on Karen’s end, we met, and she presented pages upon pages of information with options of places to see, the best time to see them, and the history of each location we were visiting.


She is incredible! 

We highly recommend Karen and Women Adventure Travels; it was a wonderful experience, and her depth and breadth of knowledge seem limitless!”


-Jennifer Middleton West, Girls on the Run


We enjoyed working with Karen - a great asset to our trip planning and experience. She listened and incorporated our preferences as we planned. She was fun to work with and very helpful in giving suggestions along the way.


I also appreciated the detailed trip itinerary, heightening my excitement for a memorable trip!

I’m already anticipating the next great adventure!”

-Dani & Nelson Longenecker, Four Seasons Produce

“Karen really listened to what we wanted and found activities that suited our interests. She made sure that there was something for everyone. She also found the most beautiful and unique hotels/airbnbs that made the experience so enjoyable."


-Libby Johnson


"There was a perfect versatility - a mixture of tours/sightseeing, culinary adventures, diverse lodging, and ample free time to explore."


-Hannah Johnson

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