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WAT Weekenders

WAT Weekenders

If far-flung, international travel isn't your thing, or at least not now, or perhaps you're not sure if group travel, let alone all-women travel or travel with WAT, for that matter, is for you, then we've got the getaway for you. WAT Weekenders may be just the trip ticket.


We pride ourselves on being The Deep Dive Tribe. However, these shorter, more accessible trips (less time, energy, and money ;-) provide an excellent way for curious travelers to dip a toe into our travel pool while still enjoying the unique feminine thread that all of our WAT trips are known for. 


These quick dip trips or WAT Weekenders can be anything from glamping in world-famous national parks to exploring some of the coolest big and small cities across the country. They can vary from one to two, three, and or as many as four nights away, tops! Consider this the skinny dip on a trip. 


If interested, keep an eye on this page, as you never know when a new wave of WAT Weekenders trips is going to roll in.


Our Glamp-O-Rama series is all about getting you off the grid, getting you outside, and you get your adventure on wherever that may be. Our initial kick-off of WAT Weekender's Glamp-O-Rama series has us heading to the national parks.

We will be setting up camp, literally and figuratively, outside of key national parks in the US. Our Glamp-O-Rama goal is to get you off the grid, get you outside, and get you to get your adventure on.

If you are a camper, this is parked right in your wheelhouse. Welcome!

If you don't fancy yourself a camper,  fear not. This is glamping, after all. We got you! You'll get his! We will all have a ball.

Take a peek below at our first two offerings. There are other parks and other excursions high on the horizon. So, stay tuned! We'll save you a seat right around the fire for you!

Grand Canyon

Image by Stephen Walker

There are several places and ways to flex your sense of adventure on this quick trip to the Grand Canyon.

Get ready for a rustic-chic women-driven adventure outside one of the world's most incredible national parks. Grab your best gal and your longest lens for this trip. It's the best way to kick off a summer of fun!


Image by Nicolasintravel

We thought the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone were the perfect pair to kick off our glamping series and season.

They are both great adventures yet very different destinations. Come alone, or grab your best gal. You will make new friends over our nightly chats around the fire or hiking, horseback riding, and SUP-ing by day.

City Spins

Another part of our WAT Weekender is our City Spin series. We are doing small-city spins and big-city spins all across the country. Below we have an example of both big and small city spins. 

Lancaster is our first small city, while DC is our big city. We will be rolling out several other cities in the coming month, including LA, NY, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Vegas, and Chicago.

Email us if you are interested in joining any of the above cities. Regardless, join our mailing list as city spins will be announced first and foremost in our newsletters. The second announcement will be here on the site.  After that, we will get all kinds of social about it. 
PS, If you live in a city where a city spin takes place, we will do a kick-off event in each city to mix visitors with locals.

Like WAT's Far-Flung Adventures, we will have speakers and local women of influence in each city so you can get a real feel for the lay of the local land and an authentic sense of that feminine thread woven through each city. We cannot wait to see you in the big or small city.

Small City

Big City

Small City  Spins


All have covered Lancaster, from NY Times to NY Post, NY Daily News, PBS, Elle, and Forbes. It's no wonder so many New Yorkers have added this as an alternative to the Hamptons and Hudson Valley!


Lancaster has a fierce farm-to-table approach to their pours and plates, a long and storied history of brewing beers, and a buzzing enclave for art and creativity.


There are chic boutique hotels, rooftop bars, vintage shops, and plenty of parks to hike. 


Inquire about dates to get yourself on this trip's list!

Washington, D.C.
Big City Spins

EAst Coast 2019 DC balloons.jpg

We can get close and personal to all things political in this key US city.


In DC, we are also privy to some of the world's greatest museums, many of which are free. Top that off with stunning architecture, an outrageous restaurant scene, chic hotels, and a rich historical city.


DC is an excellent getaway for anyone at any time of year. 


True to WAT's form, we will meet and mingle with local women of influence. 


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