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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why all women?
    Why not all women? Magic happens when you gather a great group of women together. Add a stunning backdrop and it only ups the ante. Then after facing challenges and triumphs on the road and in your adventures and being introduced to new people, places, and experiences together, the camaraderie builds and the connections can’t help but be better and incredible. The conversations are always rich and interesting and the laughs are big and bawdy, sometimes a bit naughty. It’s a great way to see the world with a force of women made of magic by your side.
  • What kind of women travel with you?
    We’re expecting hip and interesting women that are more into passion than perfection. Women that have a great sense of humor and a great sense of adventure and are all about embracing that day’s joie de vivre.
  • How many women are on these trips?
    Each trip is different. The African safari trips are very small and intimate as the safari camps are boutique style and can only cater to small groups. We will have as few as 10 in Zambia. We can have as many as 22 in Alaska. Check the individual adventure page for whichever trip that you are interested in as the minimum and maximum passengers are all listed there.
  • What’s your travel experience?
    I started my travels as an international comedian many years ago. For ten years, I toured all over the world; Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America as a comedian. In some cases, I handled many if not all of the logistics and the travel arrangements for these international comedy concerts and theater tours. I also handled my own travel arrangements pre and post tour as well as day tours and other arrangements while in the many destinations. In the twelve years since, I have traveled mainly as a travel writer and photographer. I’ve been to 70+ countries, traveling anywhere from 10 to 20 trips a year as a solo traveler or as a group traveler. As far as Women's Adventure Travels is concerned, I meticulously put these trips together working with many of my favorite people and tour operators. For this initial wave of trips, I wanted to take you to a few of my all time favorite places in the world. This is just the beginning as there are many more to come. So, stay tuned...
  • Should I go solo?
    Absolutely! I have traveled solo a lot in my life. What I mean by solo, it was me walking out the door with no one in tow and not knowing anyone where I was going. As far as the trips and travel, it was a mad mix of me traveling from place to place on my own, completely alone and for weeks on end and or in some cases it was me joining up with groups, similar to this with planned trips and tour operators, the best by the best in that field and region. In all cases, I made several new and fast friends all along the way, many of which I am still in touch with today. Every one of my solo experiences was life-changing and taught me a ton about myself and other people and places.
  • Do we get any downtime on these trips?
    Yes! There is downtime built into all of the trips. Sometimes you just need to stare at a wall to process it all or to simply re-calibrate before facing others. Everyone operates on a different level with different wants and needs. We kept that in mind with all of the planning in an attempt to accommodate all. There are also many options available throughout where you can choose between activities or kicking back at the property. Most of the properties we are staying in, including the ships if in Antarctica or Galapagos, have plenty of communal space and places to retreat, to be on your own alone, to decompress and soak in the ambiance, the view and the silence.
  • How adventurous do I need to be?
    Adventure isn't just about hanging off a cliff face or barreling down a mountain on a bike. It can be, but there are various levels of adventure in the world and on all of these trips. In most cases and on almost all of our trips, you can rev it up or dial it down as much as you want to meet your own needs and desires. That is the case in Chile, Alaska and on the cruises. On safari, the adventure is largely about being in the bush, in nature and with the wildlife.
  • Should I train for this?
    Peru is our most adventurous trip. If you are relatively fit and active, you’ll be fine. If not, I would definitely suggest some training prior. I am happy to discuss this further with you. The tour operator will as well.
  • Will I Be Safe on the Adventure Activities?
    We cannot guarantee your safety without a shadow of a doubt, at home, nor while away. We do, however, take everyone's safety very seriously, as do all of the tour operators that we are working with, in the respective regions. The tour operators that we are working with and all of the local guides and cruise crews will always lean towards a more cautious approach when it comes to your safety. We want you to have a great adventure and a safe adventure.
  • Will I be Safe in the City?
    Similarly, we suggest being cautious just as you would be in any touristic area. Watch your bags, your camera equipment, and your phone. No matter where I am, I always lock up my cameras and computers in the hotel or the villa's safe. It's really easy while away to get lax after a few days. I suggest taking every precaution possible, no matter where you are.
  • Do I need vaccines?
    I am personally not a fan of vaccines. I never get them unless it is required to get in or out of a country. Everyone is different. We will guide you as will the tour operators as to what is suggested and or required for each trip. The choice is then yours.
  • What’s the deadline? When do I pay?
    All of the deadlines are different. Most trips allow you to put down a deposit in order to hold your spot. Then you can pay the remainder of the cost closer to your departure. Again, all of the trip details are on the individual adventure pages. Head over there. There's tons of information over there regarding all of the necessary details.
  • How do I pay?
    All payments are in USD, but each tour operator handles payment differently. You can find their requirements in their individual, downloadable Terms & Conditions on the respective adventure pages.
  • Is the payment in USD?
  • Now What?
    Hit any of the Book Me, I'm In or I’m Interested buttons on the site. It will take you directly to a trip form for you to fill out for Women’s Adventure Travels. You can choose your trip of choice there. Once we get that and the many details from you, we will reach back out to you within 48 hours via email. We will then send an email introducing you to the respective tour operator who will then handle your booking details from that point onward. Don’t worry! We’re not going anywhere. We, of course, will continue to be in contact with you throughout this entire process as well, not to mention leading your trip and traveling with you. So, we got you and we are with you throughout, including the actual trip.
  • Do I need to book my own flight?
    Yes. You do need to book your own flight(s) to the destination city where the trip kicks off. Once there the internal flights are often taken care of and covered by the operator. Again, each trip is different, but the tour operator will go over all of that with you and will ensure that you book the right flight to arrive on time and ideally with the group. These details are also in their Terms & Conditions.
  • Do I need to buy travel insurance?
    Yes, it is required that you buy travel insurance for all Women’s Adventure Travel trips. I will discuss this further with you when we connect after you fill out your form and when I reach out to you to discuss the many details of your trip. Regardless, travel insurance is required. It's very reasonable and it works wonders if and when necessary. We want this trip to be as seamless as possible for you which is why we require this. It is smart travel to be insured.
  • Can I Book Other Travel or Trips for Me, For My Friends or Associates?
    Absolutely! If you like the trip(s) but you want to do them with your family or your own group of friends on your own or you are looking to arrange for a business group, a film or TV crew, in attendance of a big sporting event locally or globally or if you want to arrange this for any other number of groups be it all women, all men or a mix, I can arrange any and all of that for you. Your best bet is to start the conversation by filling out the form on the Customized Travel section of the site under Adventures so we can start the conversation. I will then be in touch with you to discuss it further. As far as your travel, it can be any one of the mentioned and listed trips here on the site and or it can be any other trip anywhere. The sky's the limit!
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