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WAT in the World-TV  

If you are new around here, you may have noticed that we love to refer to Women’s Adventure Travels as WAT, so much so that we have several things in the WAT World. 

Let's start with WAT in the World. It is a TV show largely based on the company Women’s Adventure Travels or WAT. We see a destination through a feminine lens and champion the women in the sites we visit that are defying stereotypes and busting down doors.

There is a lot more to this, and we have two fancy Media Kits and a sizzle reel from a spot we shot recently in Switzerland. We have twelve episodes set with three guests in each episode and country.

We are currently in our fundraising phase, gathering funds for the show's sponsorship...

The Say WAT WAT Podcast

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The SAY WAT Shop

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The Whole WAT World Newsletter

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Let's Hop on a Call!
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