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An Adventure Awaits...

Image Credits for gallery - Champagne deck courtesy of Tongabezi/Chilean Horses Courtesy of Karen Loftus/Gaucho courtesy of Tierra Hotels/Jamie Ensey/Village Girl courtesy of Tend Alan Stedman

Upcoming Adventures

This list and these trips have been carefully curated to bring you the best in experiences, adventure, accommodations, and people in each location. Bear in mind that the trips are intimate with limited space. If interested, sign up to secure your space, however far in advance it may seem.


Aside from the destinations below, other trips are well underway, with itineraries soon to follow. If interested in those, click on the I’m In or Interested links anywhere on the site and fill out a trip form so we can keep you on the shortlist to alert you and let you know once they go live.


In addition, there are several other trips in development in Europe, other African countries, and elsewhere in The Middle East, Asia, and North America. Stay tuned and keep checking in with us on this site to catch them once they go live and become available.

Also, please remember that all the trips listed here are examples of what we can do for you. This means they also stand as sample trips that we can replicate exactly as-is, nothing is changed, or we can use it as an inspiration or a jumping-off point to then custom design and curate a trip(s) specifically for you and your crew, be it friends, family, or for your corporate, business, event, or retreat needs.


Since COVID, we have done a lot of custom-designed travel. So, let us know if you want to do a trip at another time or with your people. Or if you like what we do and how we design trips, you want us to do something different. I am a Virtuoso Luxury Travel Advisor as well. So, I do many custom trips.

Last, as a Travel Advisor, I put several clients on trips, tours, cruises, expeditions, you name it. So, if you want to hop on a  women's trip, which is why you are here, I can advise you as I know the many companies, women's and otherwise. So, I can also book the best trip for you. 

So, if you want that, I can help get you booked on what is deemed a "competitors" trip as I would advise you to get on the best trip for you. So, there is a lot more here than meets the eye. The key is that you reach out and let me know if you want to join us, have us design for you, or help you meet your other travel needs, be it on another women's trip or otherwise.

So, aside from looking at our trips below, remember to hop on our Custom Travel Page to understand better what we can do for you. We love travel and want to help you find the best trip for you for now. If you have any questions, please email me at If you want to set up a complimentary call, email me to schedule a time.

We can’t wait to travel with you and coordinate travel for you!


Karen Loftus

Future Adventures

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