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Image Credits for gallery - Champagne deck courtesy of Tongabezi/Chilean Horses Courtesy of Karen Loftus/Gaucho courtesy of Tierra Hotels/Jamie Ensey/Village Girl courtesy of Tend Alan Stedman

Upcoming Adventures

We are so excited to launch our first of seven trips and destinations for Women’s Adventure Travels. This list and these trips have been very carefully curated to bring you the best of the best in experiences, adventure, accommodations and people in each location.


Things kick into high gear this November when we head to Southern Africa for an eleven day trip to Zambia which includes a two day start in South Africa. Bear in mind that the trips are intimate with limited space. If interested, do sign up to secure your space, however far in advance, it may seem.


Aside from the seven destinations below, there are three other trips well underway with itineraries soon to follow. If interested in those, click on the I’m In or I'm Interested links anywhere on the site and fill out a trip form so we can keep you on the short list to alert you and let you know once they go live.


In addition, there are a number of other trips in development in Europe, in other African countries and elsewhere in The Middle East, Asia and North America. So stay tuned and keep checking back in with us and on this site to catch them once they go live and become available.

We can’t wait to travel with you.

There are several places and ways to flex your sense of adventure on this trip to Chile. From the city streets of Santiago to the lunar landscapes of The Atacama and the glacier beauty that abounds in Patagonia. The ambiance is otherworldly, the activities endless and the inspiration compelling. 


April 17th - 27th, 2020

Awaken your inner adventurer and global goddess while on this exclusive International Women’s Day Retreat in Peru and Machu Picchu. You’ll strike the perfect balance between the active and the introspective with off-the-beaten path hiking through archeological ruins, farmland and valleys.


September 6th-14th, 2020

Immerse yourself in an all-encompassing soul sating Southern African adventure and safari set in Botswana. Buy or borrow the best camera around and prepare for 24-hours of epic game viewing where the big five abounds day into night.


November 7th - 15th, 2020

A journey to the world's southernmost continent is truly otherworldly. No words will ever do it justice. It is best to come and see this virtually uninhabited landscape for yourself. In Antarctica, no two days are alike, yet every day is otherworldly. 


January 10th - 20th, 2021

Rev up your sense of adventure and head to what feels like the edge of the earth. On this epic Alaskan adventure you’ll find yourself surrounded by breathtaking beauty and a blanket of steely silence as you explore the Alaskan wild while surrounding yourself with inspirational women.


July 5th- 11th, 2020

This World Heritage site boasts a vast and ruggedly lush landscape with one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world. This incredibly compelling place inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution in the 1830’s. Who knows what it will inspire in you.


October 23rd - November 1st, 2020

Many, including Zambians themselves, have called Zambia the ‘Authentic Africa’ as it harkens back to another era on the continent. From safaris to sleeping under the stars, to village visits and dancing in the dark, time seems to have stood still in this seductive southern African. 


November 18th- 28th, 2020

All of the trips listed here on the WAT site are also available privately for you and your crew. We can also custom design trips and travel any time, anywhere else in the world. We handle requests for personal or business travel. You drive the design. Simply let us know if interested in adventure-driven and or a bit of exploration on the culinary, cultural or couture front. Anything is possible. We specialize in carefully curated, off the beaten path, authentic immersions into the local culture. 

Future Adventures


December, 2020

Experience the best that South Africa has to offer from incredible women and wine to rich and interesting cities and Southern African surf and safaris. We will meet with local women, visit villages and vineyards and flex our sense of adventure.


March, 2021

From Kenya’s beautiful beaches to the hip city of Nairobi to the endless savannahs on safari, this Eastern African oasis provides a bounty of natural beauty and a history rich in tradition. 


January, 2021

The seduction of South America is full tilt on our Argentinean adventure. We kick start with a cultural immersion into the Euro-inspired Buenos Aires before our deep dive into the eno-enclave of Mendoza, the Napa of South America. This is balance at its best with simply top-notch food and wine paired with endless adventure and women of influence. 

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