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WellnessTravel & Retreats

A real boon in today's travel landscape is Wellness Travel. It is exploding exponentially across the globe. If you are looking to run one, now is the time, as there is an abundant audience today.


WAT's Adventuress in Chief Karen Loftus has spoken on conference stages about trends in wellness travel and what individuals, brands, and destinations are leading that charge.


If you're simply interested in a solo sojourn of wellness travel or coordinating a corporate retreat with single or several elements of wellness, we can work with you to strike that balance of business and pleasure. Whatever the configuration, we can consult and guide you in this process and book this for you. 

You can head in several directions on the wellness front, from the spa and traditional modalities to a more holistic, comprehensive, and at times, cutting-edge approach to health, wellness, and healing.  This may or may not be complemented by yoga and fitness, journaling, self-healing, learning, and leadership. 

The potential and directions are simply endless and very personal, which is what we love to do with you; tailor a specific wellness retreat, conference event, or solo sojourn for you and your group. 

If you have a group or conference with a set leader, an influencer, or a company in need of a retreat but you don't know where to begin or what to do, we can help from inception to completion and everything in between.


If you are crystal clear about your retreat and its many divine elements but you merely want someone to handle all of the travel aspects for you so you can get back to healing, leading, learning, or harnessing your group's growth, health and wellness, we can jump in and coordinate all of that for you.

Let us know what you need. 


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