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We launched a shop called The SAY WAT Shop!

If you are new here, Welcome! We are so happy to have you here. Grab a hot mug or your favorite chilled beverage and settle in as we have a lot to cover.

You will likely bump into other fun-filled, adventurous, curious seekers here that are as interested as they are interesting.


So, you may have come here in search of women-driven travel.  Good move! We've got you. So, you're in a good spot. No worries there. 


However, if you've been bopping around the site a bit, you may have noticed that a lot more is happening here beyond travel, which there is.

So, let's back up a minute. WAT is our iconic acronym, reflecting Women's Adventure Travels®. You will see that mentioned a lot.


We use it in every which way we can. We often refer to ourselves and this travel company as WAT.


Aside from our iconic far-flung adventures, we have quick little WAT Weekenders and even quicker events called WAT Pop-Ups.

We are developing a TV show, Called WAT in the World, where we go around the world interviewing incredible women. We shot our first segment in Switzerland a few months ago. We have several more ahead of us. (Stay tuned!)

We are doing a podcast in tandem with the show. That is called Say WAT WAT, where we talk about WAT women are doing around the world.

This may seem like a lot, but the above (TV & podcast) has been in the works for years.

So, naturally, with all of this activity happening in The Whole WAT World, we had to launch merchandise and a signature line. That is called SAY WAT, and it is in our signature shop, an extension of this travel company (WAT), and is called The SAY WAT Shop

We are Truly, Madly, and Deeply in love with this shop, and we know you will be too. It is a passion project.

The sentiments and the style are the same as the company, WAT. We are all about celebrating women, all women, everywhere. We believe in women's empowerment and encourage them to speak their minds, as seen in our many collections and hundreds of pieces.

One of our slogans is, "Speaking Your Mind is Always in Fashion."

We are so proud of this shop. A ton of work and several hands, hearts, and minds have made it all. We have 100's pieces of apparel, gifts, and gear. 

So, get in there and get yourself a fun mug, a fashion-forward rug, a travel-savvy shower curtain, a jazzy journal, an empowering pillow, or a weekender bag that is as sassy as you are. 

We roll out various collections seasonally, or we may do a limited run or a particular product based on events in the world or in our world. So, you will need to stay in the loop with this one.

To get started, hop on the site: Then be sure to get on our newsletter here and on the mailing list on the shop as well. Also, follow our social for WAT, and The SAY WAT Shop, which is throwing down some really fun videos on TikTok. You don't want to miss that.

The best way to support us at WAT and in the shop is to buy something. Get something for yourself or your group of gals if you have a big conference or an event, even better.  Let us know.


Similar to our travel, if you like something, say something. We can replicate something special for you but with a unique twist for you and your crew or event.

We think we have something pretty special here. Anything can be done. It's all women-driven, made with passion and purpose. 

Hop on the shop. If you like what you see, please tell everyone you know. Then let us know if you need anything from us as in a big order for a festival, conference, or event or if you need anything custom-made. 

Thanks for the look!

Karen Loftus

WAT's Adventuress in Chief

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