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From our particularly giddy days, performing at the Edinburgh Festival,  I have long loved and admired the original ‘Global Sensation’ that is our beloved Lofty. Karen’s spectacular sense of humor coupled with her insatiable thirst for amazing locations and the stories that surround them, make Women’s Adventure Travels a natural progression for Karen’s endless talents.  

The great news is, Karen embodies the ultimate travel companion, that travel friend who has done all the homework for you; where to go, what to see, where to eat and where to shop!  


With a warmth that makes you want a hug and a stylish sass that makes you want a dry white wine, Karen is someone who has enjoyed the Globe’s most interesting locations and is now sharing those locations with us.  With ‘Lofty’ in the planner’s seat,  you will be headed for the sorts of travel experiences normally reserved for the friends of cool locals. In fact, please don’t post too many photos of your trip, as I will be chartreuse with envy!   Enjoy, Love Julia

Julia Morris

Comedian, Actress, Writer, Television Presenter and Television Producer

Melbourne, Australia

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If you are looking for a refreshing travel experience leaving you feeling empowered, educated and on the inside track, then Karen Loftus is your gal. If you’re all about run of the mill tours with tour leaders who hold up closed umbrellas as they lead the group down the street, then you need to go back to your google search. Karen’s contagious soprano laugh penetrates the soul of all who meet her, making her instant friends and a foot in the door to all the behind the scenes experiences. As a former comedian, Karen’s sense of humor is icing on the cake to ease any unexpected hiccups in the travel plan.  Traveling with Karen is so much fun. You’ll never be able to travel the “regular” way again.

Dana Johnson

Adventure Concierge of Open Leaf Excursions

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Karen is a dynamo of energy, passion, new ideas, and brilliant storytelling. Whether it's the written word, a stand-up performance, a spoken word event, or even 'just' in-person, her drive, desire, and determination all come through with positive force and impassioned vigor. I've been very pleased to co-found the ReVerbs storytelling project with her and I look forward to our next collaborations. Further, she's a great travel companion too!

Chez Chesak,

Business Development Consultant

Cincinnati, OH

Karen was an early inspiration for me.  She was one of the first working artists that I met who was making her own way, following her own artistry and skills and making a living.  I first met Karen while she was working with Fay Simpson in Edinburgh and immediately we were bantering and laughing.  She then traveled to my university as a Tennessee Williams Fellow and I took her Body Comedy workshop and was inspired by her honesty, physicality, and humor. Thinking of her laugh makes me smile.

Jon Morris

Creative Director of Windmill Factory

New York, NY

Participating in Karen & Chez’s ReVerbs was a really cool event. No hiding behind some big PowerPoint in the main hall. Telling stories from the heart in front of your peers late at night in a bar is a whole other story. You either wow the crowd or suffer. Embarrassing and exhilarating. Very leveling, sharing and funny. Karen’s mentoring of me on how to share, how to show not tell and how to be personal was the key to making my delivery edgy and interesting, versus stiff and formal.

Praveen Moman,

Founder Volcano Safaris

London, United Kingdom

Karen is a consummate world traveler, writer, photographer, entertainer, storyteller, events organizer, and promoter.  As a fellow member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, I have seen her in all of those roles. She performs each with ease and excellent results.

Lorna Greenway

Custom Experiential Travel Designer

Atlas Adventure Trips

Houston, Texas

I've worked and laughed with Karen. Not sure which I've done more of, but everything got done. She creates environments that are empathetic yet challenging, and allow for risk-taking, vulnerability, and growth - and of course, a lot of laughter.

Maddy Epstein

Public Relations at WE Communications

Seattle, WA

Karen first came to my attention years ago while traveling to Zambia. During this 10-day trip, Karen’s effervescent personality (and humor), excellent photography, and her eye for beauty stood out. She was also able to relate well to the local people and her traveling companions all at the same time.


One evening after the locals started dancing and playing exotic instruments around a campfire, Karen joined in and upped the “fun” quotient enormously. Later, while visiting a village in the bush, all the children were attracted to Karen and gathered around her shouting with joy. On another occasion, Karen negotiated with the local women selling indigenous bracelets. Although the women spoke no English and Karen no Tonga, Karen was able to make herself and all of us understood.


Karen is also an excellent travel writer. There are plenty of good travel writers and plenty of good photographers but to possess superior skills in both is most unusual.


For anyone contemplating a trip with Karen I would say, Don’t miss it. You will see the destination through the eyes of a highly visual person who will bring a whole new level and dimension to your journey.

Peggy Healy

Vice President Communications,  and Special Events

Jet Set Candy, travel-inspired jewelry line

New, York, NY

I met Karen through yoga and was immediately drawn to her adventurous spirit and captivated by her tales of travel. My father is very well traveled, so when he and I decided to travel together, I consulted with Karen for ideas.


I told her that he and I shared a love of history, culture, and adventure. Karen immediately recommend Jordan and was spot on! She knew that as seasoned travelers, we would appreciate the Jordanian hospitality, particularly the endless cups of tea shared over many great conversations.


Karen suggested we stay with the Bedouins in Wadi Rum. It was the highlight of the trip! We became immersed in the Bedouin culture, hiked through the desert and mountains, and took in the otherworldly environment. It was her travel savviness and experience that took us far beyond the ordinary, helping us plan a truly memorable trip. Because of Karen, we had an unforgettable experience. I believe that anyone who travels with her will be taking the trip of their lifetime!

Laura Unger

Seattle, WA

Karen is the kind of person you’ll want to travel with. First of all, she’s funny, smart and super knowledgeable about so many places. I met her years ago at a gathering of creative people in Los Angeles and asked her to present her comedy for a benefit for domestic violence victims - she soon brought her Body Comedy workshops into several shelters throughout LA with whom I was working. I also attended many of her comedy shows and events in the area. We also met up in Barcelona, Spain where she lived for a time and she gave me the best tour of the city! I love that she’s now sharing her humor and expertise with other women who yearn for adventure!

I have had the pleasure of not only working with Karen but becoming a close friend over the years. Karen and I met while on a river cruise work trip in Germany.  Her vibrant personality caught my eye from across the room. After spending that week exploring Germany and enjoying conversations over culture and food I knew this was a friendship that would last.


Once back in NYC I hired Karen to take photos of a high-end brunch I was planning for a fabulous client of mine in the heart of Bloomingdale’s flagship store.  She captured the vibe, colors, and personality of the event and guests. I love to work with friends and support my family (friend-family).  I highly recommend Karen for writing, comedy, photography, and travel, of course!

Hank Stampfl

Revel Rouge Events - Founder

New York, NY

I have known Karen for many years both personally and professionally. A few years back, my husband and I spent a few days in Scotland during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with her. We attended Karen's hilarious one-woman show. Then we were treated to two full days of experiencing the city with Karen as our guide. Our experiences included The Royal Military Tattoo, a haggis tasting, and a visit to a local Scottish designer, one that Karen knew personally. He specially designed a jacket for me. I still receive a ton of compliments on it to this day!


Visiting Scotland with Karen as our guide was educational, offbeat, and just out and out fun, as only a world-traveling and a confident funny lady could make it!  I would never hesitate to travel with Karen again or to recommend her to anyone looking for a truly different, exciting and joyful travel experience!



Los Angeles, CA

I have known Karen Loftus for many years having first hired her to work with me as the editor on a digital publication called TravelMole. Additionally, she spoke at one of my conferences directed at the women of the world who work in the travel & tourism sector, to share her take on various aspects of female travel in our sector.


Her genuine openness, honesty, and creativity, as well as humor and view on life’s journey best enjoyed by traveling the world, is both inspirational and brilliant. Her review of destinations and places, including her amazing images make her stand out as one of the best writers around. I wish her much success in this new endeavor and look forward to seeing all that she will share with us! 

Frances Kiradjian

Founder & CEO

 The Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA)

West Hills, CA.

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