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Public Relations

If you have a new or existing company needing a new direction, that is when and where we work best. We can work with you on a targeted, often short-term, campaign to get some eyeballs, ink, and interest, leading to extensive conversions and credibility. 

We can assist if you want online or traditional media, podcasts, or product placement in film, TV, or events. Additionally, if you want to launch an influencer program, we can help you with that. We can also assist with celebrity relations.

We work best on a short-term basis to help you get set up or reset your company's direction and expand your brand's awareness. We are in our element when producing an event or a press trip on your behalf, as we have had incredible success in this space.

See more below in Press Trips and Event Coordination.

Press Trips

As a travel and lifestyle writer, Karen Loftus has been on assignment for 100+ media outlets on 200 + media trips. 


She has traveled worldwide with the best tour operators, staying in the best hotels, experiencing the top spas in the world, and eating in the best restaurants, among other attractions and events.


Her experience as a seasoned writer with press trips, her producing global comedy tours and world tours of plays, and her signature Hollywood fashion events make for incredible Press Trips.

As is true in life, you are only as good as the company that you keep. Karen works with the best media in the business, many of whom are her friends. So she knows who is good on a trip, making for an incredible event, and, even more importantly, who delivers in the end.  

Aside from securing critical media, Karen brings in-kind partners from the destination, offsetting the costs considerably for the client and brand. 

WAT's Press Trips are exceptional, similar to her organized WAT's women's trips, with no detail spared. 


There is no better, quicker, more meaningful, nor impactful way to establish your brand than to get media in an authentic and immersive press trip experiencing you and or your brand firsthand.  

Online and print media placements aside, there are social media elements and content creation, from photo to video to written content created from the trip that can be used for months and even years.

On-location/onsite press trips are great for travel brands, destinations, hotels, airlines, cruises, trains, tour operators, spas, shops, restaurants, individuals in the market (chefs, hoteliers, artists, architects, etc.), art, museums, and events, among other things.

This is also highly effective for brands (tech, gear, photography, fashion, apparel, wellness, luggage, shoes, etc.) that want their product or brand featured in-market and in a stunning location and experienced by key media.  


This is above and beyond the typical product review of influencers and is commonly seen on social media. This is a heightened, stylized media campaign with content creation and critical online and traditional media placements, and social activity. It is win, win, win, and it is something we love producing for you. 

We can work on the front and back of this trip(s) with PR. If there is existing PR in place, we can amplify all of that with all of this. If you need PR, this is a great kickstart to getting you some action, traction, and ink. 

This is the kind of PR that we are after versus stand-alone campaigns. We shine in the event and travel space. We can't wait to hop on a call or a Zoom to discuss the many angles and ways we can do this with you and for you. 

Email DM, call, and get a hold of us to discuss. 

Event Coordination

Through her LA event series, The Lofty Style Lounge, Karen Loftus, brought in brands from around the world and introduced them to the American market and celebrities in particular.

Through these events, she
helped them launch, relaunch, brand, or rebrand through celebrity branding and events. In attendance were A-List celebrities, top TV & film stylists, key media, Tastemakers in entertainment (writers, producers, casting directors, and agents), and LA Influencers.  

Several brands from Canada, Ge
rmany, Japan, New Zealand, and The US had great success at the two-day Lofty Style Lounge events held at The Chateau Marmont in Wes Hollywood, The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, and art galleries in Beverly Hills, among other places.  

If looking to do an in-market one-day, two-day event, an evening, or a Lunch & Learn, any which way is possible, all with the same elements as a press trip or MEdia EVent with key media and Influencers in attendance. 

Let's Hop on a Call!
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