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Travel Writing

Karen Loftus of Women's Adventure Travels is a consummate storyteller. After touring globally for ten years as an award-winning playwright, a Tennessee Wimmans Fellow, and an international comedian, Karen continued her travels as a journalist.


As a travel and lifestyle writer, she put what she once shared on stage on the page. She continues to tell stories, her own and others, on stage in her speaking engagements and on many pages for 100+ media outlets online and in print. She has written for top in-flight, fashion, financial, and lifestyle magazines in regional, city, and national papers worldwide.

It was an easy transition for her to go from playwright and stand-up comedian to a top travel and lifestyle writer, as telling a great story is key in all formats.

In stand-up, you must paint a clear, concise, and enticing picture in seconds or lose your audience. The same is true in today's media. You have but a few seconds to get a reader to stop and even less to get them to stay.


If your audience wants to stop, look and listen to you in an otherwise noisy market, you must have an enticing story with cohesion and intentional messaging to create an engaged and devoted audience.


If you want coverage of your brand, business, destination, event, or individual, Karen can capture it on location or ongoing, be it assignments, contracts, or specific projects.

Most recently, Karen was an entrepreneur in residence at a university for a semester, as she has always stood at the cross-section of business and creativity. She led a team of 25 interns from top universities across the country (NYU, Cornell, Berkley, Georgetown, Goerge Washington University, The New School, F&M, Drexel, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Millersville University, and others), live and online throughout the COVID crisis. She brought in key speakers from several media, tech, and entertainment, businesses.


Whatever side she plays on, storytelling is always at the wheel. 

Let's hop on a call to discuss your storytelling needs and goals. Karen's vibrant and intuitive approach makes her an excellent consultant to individuals, teams, companies, and brands on strategic storytelling. 


If you, your business, or your brand need any photography, be it a destination, a hotel, a tour operator, an individual, a visionary, an architect, an artist, a chef, a hotelier, an event, a retreat, a concert, a corporate conference, cause or nonprofit, be it at your locale or elsewhere, we can capture all of the elements and the magic for you. 

Karen Loftus has been on assignment as a luxury travel and lifestyle writer and photographer for over 100+ domestic and international media outlets. Her work has appeared in thousands of online and print travel and lifestyle pieces. 

Aside from shooting, Karen has a keen eye for what works in media and what is necessary for a brand or individual's image bank to fulfill their media needs. More importantly, she knows what the writers need to tell their stories and what a media outlet needs to entice its audience. The better your images are, the better your chance to gain media interest and create the ease of working with media members to get your key messages across.

Karen can come to you and shoot on location, consult in person or from afar, or send a member of her team to capture these key images for you.

Let's hop on a call to discuss the many possibilities further. 


Everyone knows that content is key. In today's market, video reigns supreme in the content equation. It can be captured and played in many ways, from YouTube to short form, from Reesl to Shorts, Pinterest, and of course, the almighty Tik Tok. TikTok is far from kids and dance videos. Every major brand has a presence on the platform. 

Let's talk about whether you want to expand your video presence in short or long form. Whether you need someone to consult, capture or edit your footage on the back end, we can help you with any or many parts of the video equation. 

We can also consult on your message and storytelling in your videos for speaking, meetings, conferences, and events.

Even if you know you want to do more but don't know where to begin, that is where we come in.  We can hop on an introductory call to talk about it all. Whatever you are doing, there is always room for more, from refining and defining your message to moving in a different, dynamic direction or getting more in the arsenal to post on your many platforms. 

We have a great video team under the WAT umbrella that can capture it all, including long-form film and TV projects. Get in touch! We would love to hop on a call to discuss it with you.

Let's Hop on a Call!
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