Welcome to Women's Adventure Travels

Women's Adventure Travels is a boutique travel company that specializes in small, well-curated and customized trips for women.  Aside from the inherent adventure at hand, all WAT trips have an empowering and fierce feminine thread throughout, supporting women-owned businesses and celebrating women of influence and distinction in each market, be it a hotelier, a chef, an artisan, a conservationist or a village woman defying the local or global odds.


The unique elements of our trips reflect whom I am as an adventurer, as a savvy traveler, having been to 75 countries and all seven continents and as an impassioned person. They also reflect my work in many creative endeavors such as touring the world as an international comedian for ten years, as a feminist playwright and performer and as a healing artist with a non-profit program (Body Comedy) that I founded, working with survivors of physical and sexual violence. In addition, my experience in producing international tours and LA fashion events for A-list celebs, stylists and media and finally, my more recent work in the past ten plus years as a travel writer and global photographer are all threads that have been meticulously woven into the fabric of this business and these trips.  I am over the moon to be taking bits of my past and present and move them all into this fierce feminine future.  

Surrounded by spirited, like-minded women and set in stunning landscapes, the WAT trips provide a mad mix of outdoor and adventure activity at various levels, to suit you, along with stays in top spots around the world that showcase an authentic ambiance, exceptional local artisans, art and architecture, as well as local food, beverages and an element of wellness throughout.


I have found in my many travels that the community immersion always made my trips far richer. I am most proud of the people that we have assembled for you to meet in the many communities throughout. They will each add incredible layers to the trips. How much you want to embrace this is up to you. You can bob at the top or dive deep--there is that allowance on each trip. 

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As meticulously designed as the trips are, there is wiggle room in each to make it your own individual experience as well. I did a lot of solo travel while working as a comedian. I had my time on stage at night to do my shows; but other times were free for me to fill, which I did with intense exploring. Additionally, I often traveled pre or post my tours on my own to extend the travel. As a travel writer since, half of my trips have been with groups and the other half have been solo.  


I am bringing both sensibilities to the table. I recognize the need to be alone and to carve out time when in a group. I also know the need to feed off of a groovy group dynamic and perhaps to get your giggle on after going it alone. All of that has been carefully factored into the fabric and feel of each trip.  


More importantly, there are beautifully scheduled moments that you can opt in or out of. You can kick back on the property, take a hike, a swim or enjoy the spa, on your own.  With the adventures, there is an equal allowance to dial it up or down based on your needs and interests. In some cases, the adventure is greatly based on the locale itself, be it the Galapagos, Antarctica or the African bush.  It's an adventure just being there. 


The seven trips here are merely the kick off of what is yet to come with WAT with three more trips well in the wings and several more to come. There will also be a series of live events happening on the road in tandem with our trips and elsewhere, closer to home. Stay tuned on this site for all of WAT's updates. Be sure to join our tribe, subscribe and sign up for our newsletter so that you can stay apprised of the many events tied into the tours and otherwise. 


There is plenty more to come with the WAT Tribe both on and offline, so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to hear about all that we have in store!


Also, bear in mind that if these group trips are not for you, we can custom curate trips for you and your own crew. Any of the trips listed on this site can be curated specifically for you and your group. If there is travel that you are interested in that is not listed on our trips, that too can be arranged for you! Hop onto our Customized Travel page for all of those details and to get started on the planning process.


Trips can be arranged for a mix of men and women, all men and or all-women, of course. The choice is yours. The same attention to detail that went into the planning of these trips will be applied to you and your crew. 


  I’ll see you on The Global Road!