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Content Creation
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Content Creation

Whatever your content needs, from press releases to newsletters, social media content, blog posts, web content, or articles, we at WAT can help.

If you have existing content that is not working for you or is no longer representative of you, your brand, and your business, but you don't know what to do next, we can be a fresh set of eyes, offering editing services, rewrites sending you and your content in a new and fresh direction. 

More importantly, if your business and your content is not getting your messaging across effectively or are not in line with the ever-changing times and you need a contemporary reboot or refresh, we can assist.

Women's Adventure Travels, Adventuress in Chief Karen Loftus brings a diverse skill set to the world of words. She was an award-winning playwright in NY, LA, and London for many years. Her trailblazing plays, performed worldwide, were way ahead of their times as she was always pushing the proverbial envelope. They always caught the attention of the media and Hollywood's top production companies. 

Additionally, she was an international comedian for ten years. Comedians are not only great storytellers, but they are also great observers of the world. They find a unique and authentic way of reflecting their audience or the reader on what is happening in the world. 

When Karen stepped off the comedy stage years ago, she walked right onto Hollywood's raging red carpet and started working as an entertainment reporter and Hollywood lifestyle writer. She had no prior experience as a "journalist" but a ton of experience as a storyteller. That is why she quickly became a go-to travel and luxury lifestyle writer for 100+ media outlets in The US and globally. She had her own unique voice, and she was adept at adhering to the voice of the respective media outlets, which was key. She could play both hands depending on the assignment and audience.

She had a unique voice onstage, but she also knew how to adapt to the many stages and, therefore, her diverse international audiences worldwide, throughout Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and North America. She could bring any audience anywhere along for the ride. 


Whether you are brand new and need help figuring out where to begin or renew what you are currently doing, we can help you set the stage for great success on and off the page throughout all your content needs. 


So, let's get on a call if you want to take your audience along for a ride on your brand's journey. 

Podcast Production

Let's talk if you are interested in launching a podcast but don't know where to begin. From concept to creation to securing guests, setting up the production, and posting on all the necessary platforms, we at WAT/Women's Adventure Travels can help you with all the necessary steps.

If you are looking for someone to host a podcast or jump in and cohost an existing our soon-to--be-produced podcast, Karen Loftus is adept on camera and behind the mic and can jump in to assist and help bring your podcast to life.

She is well-versed in several areas, from travel to entertainment (TV, film, theater, comedy) to writing and several lifestyle subjects (health, wellness, beauty, fitness, and aging) and women's issues, nonprofits, and pop culture.

If you want to do a podcast with a dream sequence of guests but are unsure how to secure them, Karen Loftus has an extensive list of global colleagues and friends. She has had great success in interviewing top tastemakers globally in her many media interviews. She can secure top-tier interesting, and relevant guests for you and your podcast.

Additionally, she is adept in producing high-end live events in LA, NY. DC, Seattle, Philadelphia, and around the globe. She is also savvy with virtual and online events and can produce your podcast. 

Let's hop on a call to discuss this further. 

Social Media

If you are interested in adding short-form videos to your existing social media mix, we would love to talk to you about that. No matter your industry, content is key, and in today's media, social or otherwise, video is more important than ever. Video, in short, or long-form, creates incredible business conversions. We are here to amplifying your existing content and media through short-form videos!


If you are interested in Tik Tok, Reels, Shorts, or Pinterest videos but need help figuring out where to begin, or if you are active in the space but looking to shake it up or be more prolific, we would love to assist in this. We have a great team of shooters and editors that can shoot for you or take your existing footage and content and create videos for you and your brand.

If you want to come to us, us to you, or shoot on location, we can do that too. Let's hop on a call to see where you are with your business and what you want to do in the short-form video space. It is our happy space.

Let's Hop on a Call!
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