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Writer Brad Edmondson Weighs in on the Impact of Social Change

Updated: May 22

Social reform is the principle that Brad Edmondson, an award-winning writer, speaker, consultant, researcher, freelance journalist, and the author of two books, operates. His reports and presentations talk about the impact of social change on businesses, communities, and not-for-profit organizations.

Edmondson's work deals with corporate social responsibility, demographic shifts, and environmental preservation. Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for the Soul of Ben & Jerry's details the journey of the progressive ice cream company. Edmondson's second book, Postwar Cornell: How the Greatest Generation Transformed a University, explores the years after World War II at Cornell University.

Edmondson says, "My interest in social change goes back to a lifelong interest in history and the history of social movements." He has worked in business journalism at the Ithaca Times and American Demographics. Here, he got his introduction to statistical reporting, consumer behavior, and the importance of demographics. These have all become foundational tenants of his career.

Long-term change fascinates Edmonson, and he emphasizes planning. He says, "It takes decades, sometimes, of activists working in obscurity to produce changes in legislation or values that to most of us seem like they're happening overnight."

Corporate Responsibility, Pt I: Ice Cream Social

A significant theme of Edmondson's work is corporate social responsibility. Ice Cream Social addresses this in-depth, diving into Ben and Jerry's progressive business model. The book reveals significant changes in the concept of corporate responsibility over the past 40 years.

Edmondson compares Ben and Jerry's long-term community values with the short-term interests of other corporations. The ice crea