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Women Behind the World of Wine - Part 1

Updated: May 22

Although large gender divides continue in several industries, in the world of wine, women are closing that gap, one grape at a time.

Not only do women consumers outweigh that men, but the number of women in leadership positions, from female winemakers to sommeliers and CEO's continues to grow each year. Here are but a few women in wine from around the world that are crushing it.

Say WAT - The Wine Region

Margaret River, Australia

Australia is one of the world's largest wine exporters, with 211 million gallons produced annually and exported to overseas markets. The country's wine industry plays a big role in Australia's economy, employing people in production, employment, export, and tourism.

On average, Australians consume a little over 13 million gallons of wine annually. The rest of the world makes up a big difference. If looking to explore more Australian wine, a Shiraz is always a great start.

Say WAT WAT - The Winery

Cullen Wines

In 1971, Kevin and Diana Cullen had an idea that began simply with some trial vines, one acre of land, and a small dash of encouragement. Those trails led to 17 acres of vineyards planted and the beginning of a dream. Their first grapevines planted were Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer.

Kevin and Diana’s vineyard wasn't the only thing growing; their family quickly grew as well, with the addition of their children Rick, Shel, Stewart, Digby, Ariane, and finally Vanya Cullen.