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Fierce First Ladies and Their Legacies that Continue to Influence Our Lives Today

Updated: May 22

As this year is the centennial celebration of a woman's right to vote, shining a light on the most prominent women in White House History seems like an appropriate way to celebrate this year's Election Day.

If you want to dive deep into these women's history, both personally and professionally, no one does it better than CNN. First Ladies' show paints a vivid description of each of the women profiled; Michelle, Jackie, Nancy, Eleanor, and Lady Bird. No last name is necessary for this lady line-up.

These women were far more than spouses. They were political powerhouses in their own right, as they stood side by side with their partners. 

In this centennial year, on the most critical election day of our lives, let's take a look back. Here's hoping that as we move forward in these next 100 years, that we too can go forth in a similar vein where women have personal and political power over their legacies, lives, and bodies.

First Lady Michelle Obama