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Activist Kyla Korvne Discusses the Effects on Women's Rights Worldwide During a Pandemic

Updated: May 22

Activist, explorer, and Fulbright scholar Kyla Korvne has contributed extensively to women’s rights worldwide. She has spearheaded many important projects, from research on gender roles in Rwanda to program management for women’s empowerment in rural Indian villages.

Here, she discusses her feminist viewpoint and the effects of a pandemic on worldwide women’s rights.

Introducing Kyla Korvne

Korvne began her career while still in college. As her grandparents did, she originally wanted to work with the Peace Corps, but she found her calling in research. On her first trip to Senegal, she discovered an interest in learning languages. She decided to focus on experiential learning and alleviating world inequalities.

“I love to travel,” she says, “But more than traveling, I like to live abroad. To be in a place and stay there for a while and really learn the language and the culture and the customs.”

As a white American woman, she focuses on using her privilege responsibly. Local people lead the human rights movements in the places she works, and she aligns her research around their points of view. She notes the problems with voluntourism, which fetishizes “foreignness” and ignores specific cultural contexts.

Korvne takes a feminist viewpoi