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Women Behind the World of Wine - Part 2

Updated: May 22

In celebration of wine pioneers worldwide, we are stepping off the beaten vine this week to explore some lesser-known vino regions around the world.

These regions may be newer to some of you; however, the wine history in each is rich and interesting, with one region claiming to be the oldest in the world. Grab a glass, tip back, relax and read on to see which one it is.

Say WAT - The Wine Region

The Kakheti Region in Western Georgia

The country of Georgia claims to be the birthplace of the first-ever wine. Georgian winemaking methods were developed 8,000 years ago are still being put into practice today. This practice involves fermenting and storing the wine underground in egg-shaped clay jars called kveri. This form of winemaking is listed on the 2013 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Georgia ranks second, behind Moldova, in volume, in grape production in the former Soviet Union. There are five wine regions in Georgia, Kakheti being the critical region. There are nearly 400 grape varieties, 38 of which are used. Thousands primarily make the wine of small farmers.

Georgian wine is highly sought after in the Russian market and finding its way to many American glasses of late.

Say WAT WAT - The Winery

Baia’s Wine in Obcha village

Baia’s wine consists of a two-hectare vineyard and bottling plant in Obcha, Georgia. They grow a local grape called Tsolikauri, also known as Obchura. This is one of the main grapes used for their white Wine, Tsitsa-Tsolikouri. Many Georgian wines are a blend.