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The Life I Want

Updated: May 22

Social responsibility experts Christine Bader and Eva Dienel's project, The Life I Want, addresses how work affects our lives, communities, and mental health.

Their project is more timely than ever as they address the BLM movement, unemployment, digitization and globalization, and the work reform necessary to thrive in and out of a pandemic.

The Purpose of the Life I Want

Where should we draw the line between work and life? How can we maximize our work’s positive impact? What is our definition of “work” in the first place?

In a modern context, these questions can be challenging to answer. Digitization and globalization increase each year, changing Work and our interactions with it. Eva Dienel and Christine Bader aspire to make Work accessible, ethical, and “workable” despite the topic’s near-opaque complexity. Hence, they launched The Life I Want.

The Life I Want includes a blog series and a recent TedTalk. Each piece contributes to the project’s primary purpose: exploring and creating “a future of work for all.”

Bader says, “What we really want to emphasize is that creating the life you want is partly about living a happier life. But that is not the end game.” She believes that fixing Work and attaining happiness takes time, energy, and motivation. Work, she explains, is not merely an individual effort. It impacts and is impacted by the communities and the world that we live in.

Dienel says, “Work is a huge system that influences our lives. So if we make work better, we can make our lives better, we can make the world better.” The Life I Want explores how individual and systemic change, together, can do that. Here, Bader and Dienel speak to what they’ve learned about Work through their project.