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Van Life Ladies - Part 2

Updated: May 22

Check out these fab five Van Life Ladies who left the house but kept their spouse or kids in tow as they hit the open road.

Sharing space can be tough with the best of friends, families, or partners. SQueeze everyone into a tiny house on the road, and you potentially have a whole new set of problems or adventures at hand. We checked in with these five fab women to see how they manage work, life balance, boundaries, and relationships on the road.

Kara & Nate

Kara and Nate are adorable high school sweethearts from Nashville, Tennessee. They have been traveling internationally for over four years. As newlyweds in 2016, they embarked on a trip to Tokyo. They planned to travel the world for a year before returning home to Tennessee to settle down. They were bit by the travel bug -- and the rest is sky miles history.

Before the switch to van life, Kara and Nate had reached their goal as they had traveled to over 100 countries, including Mexico, Switzerland, and India. The two achieved that goal moments before the global shut down.

After being holed up in an expansive AirBnB in Tennessee for months, they hatched a plan to hit the road in a van. They bought the new ride in July. Their converted sprinter van also happens to be the first car/house they own as a married couple!