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This Summer's Best 14 Travel Apps

Updated: May 22

Essential Travel Apps to Help You Better Navigate Today's Global Landscape

One of the many things that COVID has taught us is that being aware, prepared, and strategic is critical no matter what direction we head in today.

These travel apps will help make the trek or trip for any road warrior or jetsetter so much smoother. Be it a spontaneous adventure or a meticulously planned trip for you and your crew, be sure to take these apps along with you.

For Flights -


TSA is most people's least favorite part of traveling. If you cross paths with a grumpy agent, they alone can cause you to miss your flight and question your existence. Consider this app as a welcome opportunity to get in sync with your TSA friends.

The MyTSA app gives its users a lot of essential info to know how best to pack and better assess their time management, for starters.

You can customize your profile by listing the airports you regularly fly in and out of, and you can find the ai