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Seven Women-Run Companies that Take Sustainability Seriously

Updated: May 22

In the spirit of Earth Week, we are shining a light on these global goddesses pushing the environmental envelope.

Like today's health crisis that we are all going through together, the environment and the globe's goodness are something we all collectively have to commit to keeping healthy. Go Green! Happy Earth Week, everyone!

Colleen Coughlin

As a former Victoria’s Secret Designer, Colleen Coughlin found frustration with the unbelievable amount of waste she witnessed every day at work. To reduce the amount of fashion waste produced by the apparel industry, she quit her job in 2013 to create TheFullEdit.

TheFullEdit is a Zero Waste Lifestyle Agency that assists people in organizing their homes by reducing clutter and repurposing it into stylish, eco-friendly garments. The company hosts “Upcycle with TheFullEdit” workshops across Miami and New York. Clients bring unwanted items to be recycled instead of disposing them and creating the need to buy more for their closet.

To date, TheFullEdit has prevented 4,662 pounds of waste from entering the waste stream. However, the company does not stop at its own efforts to reduce waste. They also organize ZeroWaste awareness events and educate other business owners on how they can reduce their individual waste. All while making the apparel industry more sustainable, TheFullEdit has helped many clients in styling and repurposing their closets to look and feel their best.