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The US Celebrates International Women's Day

International Women's Day is Now a Movement and a Month. Join us this weekend and throughout Women's History Month as we celebrate women of influence in the US.

Say WAT: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Climate Change and Human Migration - No Place Left to Go

March 8th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Albuquerque, New Mexico’s International Women’s Day, will be having a panel discussion to talk about climate change and human migration.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Debbie Johnson, Founder and CEO of Tender Love Community Center, has experienced homelessness first-hand. Her goal is to keep other women from being put in the same position. Tender Love has created a safe environment for women to learn job skills that will enable them to get off the streets.

Say WAT: Atlanta, Georgia

Women in Leadership Luncheon and Book Discussion

March 13th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Georgia State University's Robinson College of Business discusses the book "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office." There will be a panel of alumni and other distinguished women of influence discussing corporate leadership as a woman.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Linda Matzigkeit, chief administrative officer of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, prioritizes her health, then her family, then her job. She says being a mom creates a softness that can be utilized in the workplace. She has created a program to help parents to get back into the workforce after three years or more away.

Say WAT: Berkeley, California

Women's Adventure Film Tour

March 5th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Originally starting in Australia, this festival has expanded to New Zealand, Asia, the UK, and the US. The film festival showcases films made by women yet enjoyed by everyone.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Chris Evans is a female performance artist. Her work bridges the gap between space, dance, music, the audience, and the artist. She has her Master's in Literature and uses several elements to create beautiful and commentating works that must be seen and experienced in person.

Say WAT: Cary, North Carolina

Fourth Annual IWD Celebration

March 6th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Cary, North Carolina, will be having their IWD celebration with a panel discussing women’s wellness, healthcare, pharma, and finance.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Anupama Joshi, who grew up in New Delhi, India but now lives in Cary, NC, is the executive director and co-founder of a “Farm to School Network.”  The program shows kids the importance of using local farms for agriculture, and it lets them meet the farmers to create connections within their community.

Say WAT: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Film Screening Queen of Katwe

March 8th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: For International Women’s Day, SowHope is hosting a screening of Queen of Katwe in the Cinema Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids on Sunday, March 8th. Queen of Katwe is the true story of a brilliant girl from the slums of Uganda who discovers she has a natural talent for chess.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

With a focus on another Michigan area, the Executive Director of Oakland Avenue Farm, Jerry Hebron, is a staple in the Detroit community. She has been working to ensure that the community needs are met and has helped design Oakland Avenue Farm to be community-based with a dedication to growing foods for a healthy diet, educate about sustainability, and grow an active cultural environment in the neighborhood.

Say WAT: Honolulu, Hawaii

Like a Girl Street Festival

March 7th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Honolulu Beerworks and The Women’s Fund of Hawaii partner this year to host the first annual “Like a Girl '' street festival. This female-focused festival will host a street market of female-owned businesses, ranging from food, retail, and everything in between. Honolulu Beerworks will be releasing Triple Threat, their 2020 Pink Boots beer. One dollar from each pint sold will benefit the Pink Boots Society, international non-profit supporting women in the brewing industry.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Former University of Hawaii Women’s Director of Athletics, Dr. Donnis Thompson, helped lay the foundation for the thriving women's sports program. Starting in 1961, she started the Women’s Track and Field Program and was the first coach. After her time at the university, she became the first woman to serve as the Superintendent of Education for Hawaii.

Say WAT: Irvine, California-

Cocktails and Connect

March 5th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: LawWorks, Harvard Law School Women’s Alliance of Orange County, and the Orange County Women Lawyers Association are hosting Cocktails & Connect to celebrate International Women’s Day. They are bringing together women in the legal profession to build and strengthen relationships within the community. Each attendant will fill out an Each for Equal pledge card, pledging one tangible action they can complete to help further gender equality in their life.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

We are heading to the north of the state and switching the focus from pours to plates. Food warrior and chef Alice Waters is Chez Panisse, a restaurant located in Berkley, California, famous for its California cuisine and locally grown, organic ingredients. Waters has stated that North California is “a place where great ideas are born,” She is one of the people making her community better with her food-driven ideas. She has pushed the envelope and the plate far beyond her state.

Say WAT: Louisville, Kentucky

Women’s Day Tea

March 9th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Anthology of Senior Living of Louisville is hosting a panel of influential local women. This spirited event will have Louisville women discussing their hopes and concerns for women in the future. Join this community-driven event celebrating local women and their many accomplishments.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Mallory Christina Ervin has an extensive resume. From being Miss Kentucky in 2009 to appear on The Amazing Race three times to starting her own YouTube channel, blog, and podcast, Mallory has carved out quite a career in new media and the entertainment industry.

Say WAT: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Live Music

March 8th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Dedicated to women and run by women, this one-day-only festival celebrates International Women’s Day.  Supporting the local female creative community, you can expect to hear anyone from Millie Mesh to DJ Goodness alongside various musical acts from classical to hip hop. Tickets are only $10. A portion of the proceeds will go to City Rescue Mission in Downtown Oklahoma City.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Caroline Zink-Hott Abbott is a mental health advocate and an attorney. In fifteen years, she has provided free legal services to over 1,500 clients, many of which are homeless and dealing with mental health conditions.

Say WAT: Portland, Oregon

Women Matter

March 9th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Join Women Matter at Cascadia in Portland for an afternoon of music, food, art, and conversation to celebrate the local women who are bettering the community. From a documentary screening to discussions, reflections, and dance performances, the event honors the many powerful women in the community.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

After previously serving as Chief Investigator at a public defender’s office, Rene Denfeld decided to switch things up and jump into fiction writing. It's no surprise that the themes in her novels are resilience, survival, and redemption. She has since been awarded the Break The Silence Award in Washington, DC, for her social justice work, and she was named one of the Heroes of the Year in 2017 by the New York Times.

Say WAT: Raleigh, North Carolina-

When Women Unite Social

March 8th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: In honor of International Women’s Day, the When Women Unite Social will happen on March 8th. At this event, they will be collecting toiletries and tote bags for the Women’s Center of Wake County, which help women who are victims of abuse and/or suffer from other hardships.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Raleigh native Leigh-Kathryn Bonner is the founder and CEO of Bee Downtown. Bonner was recently named one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs by INC Magazine. Her company's goal is to promote sustainable honey bee communities in urban neighborhoods that focus on sustainability as honey bees face threats due to climate change. From three hives in 2014, Bee Downtown grew to 200 in 2019. Bonner has received sponsorship support from Chick-fil-A, Delta, and Burt’s Bees.

Say WAT: Salem, Massachusetts

Women’s March Salem

March 8th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: The Salem Women’s March will be combined with International Women’s Day this year to emphasize the impact women have in this historical Massachusetts community. Starting at 11 am, there will be booths, food, and coffee trucks before the march kicks off in Downtown Salem. After the march concludes, everyone can return to a park with live music and groups sharing information about local women and businesses.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Focusing on another part of the state, Barbara Lynch has become one of the most notable women in the restaurant community in Boston. Her self-titled foundation supports numerous local nonprofits. She has made a point to connect with organizations that prioritize women. This May, Lynch is announcing a new summer lineup for the newly revived Full Plate Lunch series, a networking and speaking program aimed at women in the Boston area.

Say WAT: Salt Lake City, Utah


March 9th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: SHEROES will be holding a free community event to celebrate International Women’s Day and the 100th anniversary of the passing of the19th Amendment. Along with powerful public speakers and dance performances, the night will conclude with the annual One Billion Rising Dance to convey ending violence and oppression against women worldwide.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

A former early education teacher, Rebekah Myers Dunford, lives to empower women. She hosts a monthly women's group, Sacred Sisters Full Moon Circle, that focuses on women's empowerment, wisdom, and the sacred feminine. They also do humanitarian work and raise money for organizations that benefit women.

Say WAT: Seattle, Washington

Be Bold Seattle

March 5th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: The nonprofit, Be Bold Seattle is hosting their fifth annual International Women’s Day event in Downtown Seattle this year. Influential speakers will be giving presentations to support and empower women to achieve equality in their respective fields and businesses.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Kiki Wolfkill is a titan in the video game developing industry. After becoming Director of Art at Microsoft Game Studios, she served as the head during their development of the Project Gotham Racing series and working on Halo Legends. She is passionate about getting more women to get into gaming.

Say WAT: Chicago, Illinois

Wine, Women, and Allie

March 12th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Wine, Women, and Allie will be conducting panel discussions during Chicago’s IWD celebration. Women in technology will talk about how they started their careers and offer advice to other women looking to get into technology.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Amy Dordek Dolinsky is the Co-Founder of the company GrowthPlay. Dolinsky has been a force for good in the Chicago area. She was the president of Meals on Wheels and continues to be a main supporter of the non-profit. She also works with a women’s organization called International Women’s Forum, a global network of women leaders.

Say WAT: Dallas, Texas

A Moment in Her-story

August 3rd, 2020

Say WAT WAT: A Moment in Her-story is an event taking place later in the year. It is an event worth noting. It is a powerful networking event with women from all walks of life talking about their stories and successes while celebrating the 100th anniversary of a women's right to vote.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Erica Felicella has spent the better part of the last decade working in the arts in Dallas. As the executive director of ArtCon, she leads the nonprofit's team in bringing together artists and musicians to raise funds for creative organizations in North Texas.

Say WAT: Fargo, North Dakota

Celebrate Women - International Women's Day

March 8th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Fargo, North Dakota, will be having a 100 year International Women’s Day celebration.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

Danyel Moe and Laura Caroon are Fargo locals who have created Ladybosses of Fargo-Moorhead. The business is a place where women come together, learn from one another, and feel empowered. They are encouraging confidence in women to help them achieve their goals in the workforce.

Say WAT: Fremont, Illinois

Celebrate in the Tri-city Area

March 14th, 2020

Say WAT WAT: Fremont, Illinois, has a free event in mid-March where people come together from the tri-state area to celebrate women and listen and learn about their dedication to their craft and their love of the arts.

WAT in the World: What are women doing in this corner of the world?

On the business side of things and in another state, Maggie Coleman became one of JLL's (a real estate company) managing directors. She is a champion of change as she sits as the chair for diversity. Her recruiting efforts and advocacy have created a healthy workplace. She often mentors young women in the industry.

Written by Casey Lauer and Karen Loftus


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