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Global Celebrations of International Women's Day

Updated: May 22

We Have One Month, Several Reasons, and Thirty Three Women of Influence Worthy of Celebrating Throughout Women's History Month

While fear runs rampant and travel is a bit prohibited at this time, consider this a window into other corners of the world where women are kicking it. Similar to any good read, we don't have to be there to be transported to that other place and or into the mind of our (s)hero, our fearless lead character.

So, grab a cup of Jo or a hot cuppa and settle into a spirited read on this International Women's Day weekend. We at WAT have assembled 33 women of influence worldwide who are defying the odds and inspiring many women both near and far.

So, today open that window, kick down the door and let your roof rise above you as we rise with you. I will let Casey Lauer take it away and intro you to these phenomenal women of influence below.

Happy International Women's Day! Happy Women's History Month, Friends!

Say WAT: Santa Fe, Argentina

March 8th, 2020