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6 Women's Organizations Making a Global Impact on the Female Front

Updated: May 22

These six women-driven organizations go the extra mile to dramatically change the lives of millions of women and girls worldwide, be it on the financial, physical, interpersonal, agricultural, and or educational front.

Their stories are inspiring. Read on to see how you, too, can help by giving back by donating or volunteering. It takes a village, all be it a global one, to raise great women.

Women’s Global Empowerment Fund

The Women’s Global Empowerment Fund creates economic opportunities for women through microloans and educational programming. It primarily works in the Northern Ugandan city of Gulu, a post-conflict area with eroded economic structures. WGEF provides women with resources to build up their businesses, communities, and lives.

Credit Plus, WGEF’s main program, provides microcredit loans to disadvantaged women who can’t get larger loans from most banks. At the same time, WGEF educates on business, leadership, and health skills.

Other WGEF initiatives include a six-week literacy program and a leadership development campaign to help women run for office. It operates the Gulu Women’s Resource Center, a library and community space that hosts trauma counseling, alcohol education, and the Acholi Gender Conference. Women in the Credit Plus program can participate in the Kikopo Pa Mon Drama Festival, where they write and perform systemic issues.