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11 Global Companies in Travel that Take Sustainability Seriously

Updated: May 22

As elusive as travel may feel for all of us today, it is still well worth tipping our travel hats in the direction of businesses that commit to conservation and sustainability on this Earth Day.

After all of this time in place for reflection and introspection, when we do step back out on the global road, perhaps we will take a gentler and more mindful approach, one that leaves less of a footprint on our path. Here’s hoping. In the interim, enjoy a breezy visit with these incredible companies from around the world.

The Feynan Ecolodge

The Feynan Ecolodge was constructed in 2005 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and was the first sustainable lodge in all of Jordan. The lodge is in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, one of Jordan's most threatened reserves. The lodge was created to provide a sustainable alternative to open cast copper mining. The lodge stands as a conservation triumph over unsustainable resource mining.

Ecohotels took over the management of the lodge in 2009. Since then, the lodge has received endless acclaims in the media, added unique experiences, increased its staff, and, most importantly, decreased its environmental footprint.

Sustainability is evident in almost every aspect of the operations of Feynan. The Lodge g