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Women's Adventure Travels is a boutique travel company started by Karen Loftus. We specialize in small, well-curated and customized trips for women.  Aside from the inherent adventure at hand, all of our trips have an empowering and fierce feminine thread throughout, supporting women-owned businesses and celebrating women of influence and distinction everywhere that we go.

Surrounded by spirited, like-minded women and set in stunning landscapes, WAT trips provide a mad mix of adventure, wellness, and authentic experiences. We combine adventure activities with cultural immersion and stays in top spots around the world that showcase an authentic ambiance, exceptional local artisans, art and architecture, as well as local food and beverages.  We choose passion over perfection and believe in big belly laughs, unbridled joy and that you can never laugh too loud or too long. Be sure to visit our Mission Page for more information about the heart and soul of all things WAT.

Alaska, Women's Adventure Travels, Karen Loftus

Head to what feels like the edge of the earth! On this epic Alaskan adventure you’ll find yourself surrounded by breathtaking beauty and a blanket of steely silence as you explore the Alaskan wild while surrounding yourself with inspirational women.

Karen Loftus Women's Adventure Travels

Awaken your inner adventurer and global goddess while on this exclusive retreat in Peru and Machu Picchu. You’ll strike the perfect balance between the active and the introspective with off-the-beaten-path hiking through archeological ruins, farmland, and valleys.

Zambia, Women's Adventure Travels, karen Loftus

 Many have called Zambia the ‘Authentic Africa’ as it harkens back to another era on the continent. From safaris to sleeping under the stars, to village visits and dancing in the dark, time seems to have stood still in this seductive southern African country.


Karen is a well-known and respected luxury-travel and a lifestyle writer with a sense of humor and an insatiable appetite for off the beaten path endeavors. 


Karen hit her international stride twenty years ago when she was touring as an award-winning playwright and international comedian. She entertained the US troops and audiences at clubs, colleges, and corporate events, as well as at theaters and comedy festivals around the world.

Ten years later, she ended up on Hollywood’s raging red carpet interviewing celebs and writing about trends in travel, fashion, beauty, food, and the Hollywood lifestyle. Since then she has traveled to all seven continents and 70 countries and counting as a travel writer and photographer. Her dynamic and entertaining stories have appeared in over 100 media outlets including Vogue, New York Daily News, Architectural Digest, Robb Report, and American Way.


She is a true professional who is passionate about hilarious and heart-wrenching storytelling, women’s issues and celebrating women defying the odds locally or globally. 

Karen Loftus, Women's Adventure Travels, Peru, Solo Travel

We are an impassioned group of women travelers that love to flex our sense of adventure as much as we do our sense of humor. We love to learn and we are incredibly curious. We are into camaraderie and incredible conversation. We are not afraid to stand up for ourselves and others, and what we believe in. 

We're fun!

Peru, Women's Adventure Travels, Karen Loftus, Me Too

We create authentic, immersive and well-curated adventure-driven itineraries for women, that allow them to step off the beaten path and out of their comfort zones. We encourage them to dive deep into the local culture, community and themselves. We celebrate women, ourselves and every inch of the journey at hand.

Egypt, Women's Adventure Travels, Karen Loftus

We are committed to creating extraordinary, meaningful and transformative travel for women. If you like a little inspiration with your destination and experiencing a sense of empowerment in yourself and others and you enjoy being challenged as much as you do being spoiled, you’ve come to the right place. We got you!

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